Hill Country History

Boatner Place (1907)

Boatner Place (1907)

Boatner Place was built in 1907 by Dr. Frank Piece Boatner, one of the founders of the modern town of Potts Camp.  Dr. Boatner came to Potts Camp around 1890 and opened up a medical practice in the small town.  Boatner spent part of his time traveling the country roads via horse and buggy, visiting sick patients.  Boatner would go on to represent Marshall County in the Mississippi Senate, and served on the local town, school and church boards.  Dr. Boatner had numerous children with his first wife, Mary Boatner, who died in 1905.  Boatner’s oldest son, Frank Boatner Jr., died in a tragic drowning accident in 1916.  Boatner would go on to marry his second wife, Lena Boatner, before dying in 1930.

After Dr. Boatner’s death, this house was owned by his second wife, Lena Boatner, until her death in 1964.  After Lena’s death, the house passed to Dr. Boatner’s children and grandchildren, and in 1966 the home was sold to J. M. “Flick” Ash, who lived here with his wife Floy until 2002.  Floy Ash continues to live in the house to this day.

Boatner Place is a typical late Victorian cottage, with a gable-front, two-bay porch supported by round columns on brick piers, and a beautiful circular stained-glass window. Originally, Boatner Place had intricate Victorian lattice work over the front gable, but this was removed at some point in the past.

Thanks to local Potts Camp historian Mary Minor and “expert deed investigator” Beverly “Nubby” Hurdle for help researching the history of Boatner Place.