Haunted Holly Springs

2019 Ghost Walking Tours

Haunted Holly Springs returns for our fifth frightfully fun year!  Soon to be featured on the Travel Channel, our ghost walking tours explore the dark corners of Holly Springs and her two centuries of haunted history!  Come visit haunted homes and museums, hear tales of murder and mayhem and stand over the graves of hundreds of Yellow Fever victims.

For 2019, we are offering THREE spooky ghost walking tours over two weekends in October.  All of our walking tours are two hours long and roughly 1.5 miles in length.  Our walking tours book up very quickly, so don’t delay in pre-ordering your tickets!

“Hill Country Hauntings Tour”


Tour Dates:


Friday, October 25th, 2019: 9 P.M.  (50% BOOKED)

Saturday, October 26th, 2019: 10 P.M. (75% BOOKED)



Tour Highlights

Phantom Cries in Spring Hollow Park

Ghosts at the Marshall County Museum

What Haunts College Avenue?

The Mannequins Move at the Martyrs Museum

Beulah Never Rests at Linden Hill

Graceland Too: The King Has NOT Left the Building

The Well-Dressed Ghost of Featherston Place



Tour Details

For 2019, our “flagship” walking tour is now called “Hill Country Hauntings”, and visits three of the most haunted houses in Mississippi: Linden Hill, Graceland Too and Featherston Place, along with other haunted homes, churches and museums!  From the bloody tale of Latoka to the tragic story of Beulah at Linden Hill, this tour is sure to scare the unliving daylights out of you!



“Scourge of the Yellow Fever Tour”


Tour Dates:


Saturday, October 26th, 2019: 6 P.M. (50% BOOKED)


Tour Highlights

Death Arrives at the Yellow Fever House

The Last Days of Lucy Fort

Who Sleeps in Hill Crest Cemetery

The Girl Who Saw Her Own Death

He Came Home to Die at White Pillars

The Horrific Fate of the Yellow Fever Martyrs

Sisters in Life, Sisters in Death

The Worst Night in Holly Springs History



Tour Details

Experience the most tragic and devastating event in Holly Springs history on our “Scourge of the Yellow Fever” walking tour.  Follow in the footsteps of the 300 and more victims of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878 as we visit the infamous “Yellow Fever House”, venture into Hill Crest Cemetery to see the final resting place of these lost souls and witness the horrific fate of those who suffered from the Fever at the Yellow Fever Martyrs Museum.  This tour concludes by visiting the site of two of the most horrific episodes of the Yellow Fever Epidemic.  Let’s hope “Yellow Jack” doesn’t make a return appearance during this tour into Holly Springs’ past!


“Murder and Mayhem in Old Holly Springs Tour”


Tour Dates:


Friday, October 25th, 2019: 6 P.M.  (50% BOOKED)

Saturday, October 26th, 2019: 8 P.M. (50% BOOKED)

Tour Highlights

Blood Runs Down the Courthouse Walls

The First Murder in Holly Springs

The Ghost Clown of Randolph Street

Murder and Lust at the Doxey House

Desecrations at Old St. Joseph’s Church

The Marauders and Mr. Nelson

The Spiritualist of Van Dorn Avenue

Mr. Nelson Meets His Fate Under Old Holly Springs



Tour Details

“Murder and Mayhem in Old Holly Springs” goes beyond the ghosts and ghouls and digs deep into the dark recesses of Holly Springs’ history to uncover tales of vicious murders, scandalous suicides, fratricide, homicide and everything in between!  From marauding soldiers to deadly poker games, you will hear these spooky stories and more while visiting the dark underground of Holly Springs- and this isn’t just hyperbole, because this tour ends below the streets of Holly Springs at the site of the most infamous murder in this town’s history!

“The Haunting of Linden Hill”


Tour Dates:


Friday, October 25th, 2019: 7 P.M. (SOLD OUT!!!)

Friday, October 25th, 2019: 9 P.M. (75% BOOKED)

Saturday, October 26th, 2019: 7 P.M.  (50% BOOKED)

Saturday, October 26th, 2019: 9 P.M. (50% BOOKED)

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019: 7 P.M.  (50% BOOKED)

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019: 10 P.M.

Thursday, October 31th, 2019 (Halloween): 7 P.M.

Thursday, October 31th, 2019 (Halloween): 10 P.M.


Tour Details

“The Haunting of Linden Hill” offers a more intimate experience at one of the most infamous haunted homes in all of Mississippi: Linden Hill!  Soon to be the subject of a major production from the Travel Channel, the 180-year-old Linden Hill has witnessed some of the darkest chapters in Holly Springs history, including Yellow Fever, military raids, murders and more. Nearly 130 years ago, Beulah Cawthon was born in this house, and after her death in an Insane Asylum many years later, her spirit returned to the home, and has never left!  Come join the owners of the house on this one-hour tour and hear the history and legends associated with the house, along with the paranormal activity that has been experienced and recorded! You will see why this house has attracted college professors, journalists, paranormal investigators and Hollywood, but be warned- this is an ACTIVE haunting, and you may end of being a witness to Beulah and her paranormal activity!



Preordering Tickets

Tickets for all Haunted Holly Springs tours can be purchased on our website, at: www.hauntedhollysprings.com.

If for some reason you cannot buy tickets on our online store, you may email us at hauntedhollysprings@gmail.com.

To encourage preorders, we are offering a collectable souvenir Haunted Holly Springs Stadium Cup, with a spooky color-changing effect, for FREE to all preordered tickets!

Haunted Holly Springs VIRTUAL PROOF



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the Haunted Holly Springs Walking Ghost Tour?

The Haunted Holly Springs Walking Tour is a fun, educational historical walking tour of historic Holly Springs, Mississippi, focusing on some of the more spooky and notorious locations throughout the town.  Haunted Holly Springs is now in its fifth year, and has become a mainstay of the October and Halloween season in Holly Springs and North Mississippi.  The Walking Tours are NOT traditional spook tours, with jump scares, chainsaws and bloody makeup.  All of our scares come from the terrifying yet TRUE history of Holly Springs!  Our tours strive to be fun and spooky, but still respectful to the families and citizens who have gone before us.  

Is the Haunted Holly Springs Walking Tour appropriate for children?

While some of the true stories told by our tour guides are frightening to young children, there are no jump scares, fake blood or other disturbing content.  Many children, 12 years and younger, have enjoyed our walking tours.  However, please be aware that our tours are 1.5 miles long and around two hours long, and very young children will be very unlikely to have the energy or attention span to finish these tours.  In addition, please note that many of the homes we visit have active hauntings as of 2019, with recorded and verified recent paranormal activity.  For this reason, our tours may not be suitable for very young children or those susceptible to psychic or paranormal phenomena.

Is the Haunted Holly Springs Walking Tour wheelchair-accessible?

None of our tours are entirely wheelchair-accessible, as the tours visits cemeteries and historic houses which were built prior to the construction of wheelchair ramps.  The Yellow Fever Martyrs Museum is also not wheelchair accessible.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Are any historic homes, museum or cemeteries visited on the tours?

On all of our walking tours we will visit the Yellow Fever Martyrs Museum.  All of the tours also go inside at least one other historic home, museum or church, many of which have active paranormal activity even today!

Will there be food and beverages served on the tours?

Coffee and other beverages can be purchased at our headquarters, the Bottomless Cup Coffee Shop.  In addition, we will offer water and a hot beverage at our stop at the Yellow Fever Martyrs Museum.  There are many restaurants which are open in and around Holly Springs which can be visited either before or after your walking tour.

Are preordered tickets required?

Preordered tickets are not strictly required, though tour sizes this year are smaller than any previous year.  Preordering tickets on our website (www.hauntedhollysprings.com) is strongly recommended.  We cannot guarantee that tour tickets will remain after early October.

How much are Walking Tour tickets?

All walking tour tickets are $15.00.  Tickets to the “Haunting at Linden Hill” tour are $10.00.  The inaugural event, “Ghost Hunting 101”, is free to the public.  As always, Children 12 and under are FREE for all tours!

Do the Walking Tours run in the rain?

Yes, all of our Walking Tours will run, rain or shine.  Please check the weather before arriving at the Walking Tour, and carry appropriate rain jackets or umbrellas.  Refunds will NOT be given due to weather conditions.

Is there a tour of Hill Crest Cemetery?

We are not offering a dedicated tour of Hill Crest Cemetery in 2019, however the “Scourge of the Yellow Fever” tour walks into the heart of the cemetery as part of that tour.

What tour do you recommend if you have been on a previous Haunted Holly Springs tour?

For our returning visitors, we might recommend the “Scourge of the Yellow Fever” tour, as many of the stops and stories on this tour have not been offered on previous years.

What tour do you recommend if you can’t handle the 1.5 miles of walking?

For guests who would have trouble with our ghost walking tours, we highly recommend the “Haunting of Linden Hill” tour, which is a more intimate, but still spooky, tour of one of Mississippi’s most famous haunted homes: Linden Hill!

Where do we meet for the Walking Tours ?

All walking tours begin and end at the Bottomless Cup coffee shop on the southwest corner of the Holly Springs Square, located at 144 South Memphis St., Holly Springs, MS 38635.


Where can we park?

For all walking tours, there will be ample parking along the Holly Springs Square and nearby residential streets.

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