Morro Plantation was began in 1857 by William Blanton Lumpkin, the son of William Lumpkin, who founded the nearby Athenia Plantation.

Morro was located three miles south of Holly Springs, on a high elevation that afforded a wide view of the surrounding land.

Only the brick walls of the front portion of the house, and two rear one story wings were built before the outbreak of the Civil War led to the end of construction on the site.  The house was never completed, and was demolished long ago.  Portions of the original stone masonry remain at the site, but most of the stones were used for buildings at the nearby Wall Doxey State Park.

The land is currently owned by the Thomas family, who have built a pavilion on the site of the original house.

The architectural drawing is by the late Hugh H. Rather, Jr., who was a local historian and architect, and his family still retains the copyright.

Thanks to Bobby Mitchell for accompanying me on this trip, and Barry Thomas for granting access to the site.

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