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My name is Phillip Knecht, and this is my blog.  I am a 30-something year old self-employed attorney living in beautiful Holly Springs, Mississippi.  Along with my wife Amanda and our six dogs, I live in the East Holly Springs Historic District, in Coopwood, a 113-year-old Victorian home.  I consider myself to be an amateur historian, photographer and historic preservationist.

The primary purpose of this blog is to keep a photographic record of the various historic sites, houses, battlefields and other locations in North Mississippi’s Hill Country, including many of the locations I have visited on my travels.  In addition, I try to include written and oral records of these historic sites and the people who owned and lived in them.

All photographs, unless otherwise marked, were taken by me.  The majority of the pictures were taken in high definition HDR.

You can follow Hill Country History on Facebook at “Hill Country History” and on Instagram at #hillcountryhistory.

If you have comments, questions or suggestions, I can be reached at phillip@knechtlaw.org.

6 thoughts

  1. Mr. Knecht:

    There is a photograph (dated 1870) of the Turner Lane House on the campus of the State Normal School for Negros, Holly Springs, Marshall County, Mississippi. Students a faculty appear to be on several levels of the building.

    I am unable to retrieve the photo from the url: https://hillcountryhistory.org/2016/02/24/lost-history-state-normal-school-for-negroes-1870/

    Use of this photograph would be greatly appreciated. I am drafting a paper on the Highgate family, the youngest son of whom became principal at the normal school in 1876. William Baldwin Highgate was the youngest son of black abolitionists, most of whom went south from Syracuse, New York to teach in the Freedmen’s Bureau schools. Mr. Highgate held both a BA and MA from Lincoln University.

    If you could send me an electronic copy of the photograph, I would be delighted.


    John Wands Sacca, PhD
    The Esteves School of Education
    The Sage Colleges
    65 1st Street
    Troy, NY 12280


  2. Phillip Knecht, Esq.:

    I neglected to give you my contact information:

    John Wands Sacca, PhD
    Adjunct Professor and Student Teacher Supervisor
    Secretary, Leadership and Community Advisory Boards, Academy for Character Education
    The Esteves School of Education
    Walker Building, Room 304
    65 First St., Troy, NY 12180
    Cell: 518.486.0528
    Office: 518.244.2290
    email: saccaj@sage..edu

    Once again, thank you in advance for any assistance you might be able to give me in this matter.


    john s.


  3. Mr. Knecht,
    I just came across your Blog, and was delighted. I now subscribe. I am African American and most of my Family history centers around Marshall and Benton Counties. I am a descendant of both Bishop Elias Cottrell,and Professor Logan Gorman- early educators in the area. I would like to meet you. Please let me know of any public event that I could attend. It would be such an honor. Also, any references to publications about the area would be appreciated.


    1. Charles, thank you so much for the kind words. I’m delighted you are enjoyed my blog. I’ll be doing s large blog on Bishop Cottrell’s long-destroyed house during Black History Month in February 2018, so hopefully you will enjoy that as well. As far as meeting me or attending any events I’m town, there are lots of great events coming up (all of which I’m involved in), including the Haunted Holly Springs Walking Tours in October and the Tracks of Generals event at the Holly Springs Depot in December. Thanks again, and I look forward to meeting you soon!


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