Rutledge was originally built in 1860 by Walter Goodman, the first president of the Mississippi Central Railroad.  It was a 800 square foot, 2-room Italianate cottage with a central fireplace.  In 1877 the house was sold to Minnie W. Myers, who owned the house until 1890.  Kate Crump Butler (1870-1902) owned the house for four years, before selling it to Lytle A. Rather Sr. (1859-1930) in 1894.  L. A. Rather was a local pharmacist who had a pharmacy on the south side of the Square.  The pharmacy, originally known as Athey Pharmacy, was the only store that stayed open on the Holly Springs Square throughout the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878.

After purchasing the original house, Rather conducted an extensive renovation on the house, turning it into a traditional Queen Anne Victorian home.  The original cottage was incorporated into the new house.  The Rather family lived in the house for over 50 years, before selling the home in 1945  to Eugene C. Woods (1880-1958) and his wife Daisye E. Woods (1880-1967).  Samuel Vadah Cochran Jr. (1918-1995), who lived across the street in Dunvegan, owned the house from 1964 until 1970.  Between 1970 and 1974 the house was owned by Jesse L. Wilkins (1908-1989).  Kathrynn R. Mackie Whaley (1930-1999) lived here from 1974 until 1992, when she sold the house to Tim and Lisa Liddy, who continue to live here today.

Rutledge is a Queen Anne Victorian cottage, with a tent-roof bay window and wrap around porch with balustrade supported by Tuscan columns.  Other Victorian architectural details present on the house include cornice with dentals, front gable brackets, and leaded and stained glass.  Also found on the grounds is a hidden court yard patio, large carport, old barn and a 2 story carriage house.

Thanks to Tim Liddy for providing a detailed history of his home.

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