Berryville is a small town in the Ozarks Mountains of northern Arkansas, and is the joint county seat of Carroll County, along with nearby Eureka Springs.  The town was founded in 1850 by Blackburn Henderson Berry, who also gave the town its name.  Berry’s nephew James Henderson Berry would become the fourteenth Governor of Arkansas in 1883.

During the Civil War, both Confederate and Union soldiers occupied the town, and by the end of the Civil War the town was largely in ruins.  A small skirmish took place outside of town on April 16, 1864.

The Carroll County Courthouse, built in 1880, is now known as the Carroll County Heritage Center Museum.  The nearby Saunders’ Museum contains several interesting items, including guns used by Pancho Villa and Billy the Kid.  The beautiful town center has several well-preserved buildings and also several restored “ghost signs”.

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