The Caruthers House was built in 1842 by Dr. Samuel O. Caruthers (1801-1862) and his wife Ann E. Caruthers (1813-1878).  Dr. Caruthers was one of the first physicians to arrive in Holly Springs and established one of the first doctor’s offices.  Caruthers was related to famous Texan general and President Sam Houston, who is said to have visited this house at least once.

By 1847, Dr. Caruthers has established a new office, with Dr. Dougherty, in a building just to the north of this house.    In the 1850s, Dr.Caruthers’ daughter, Mary Caruthers Gholson (1834-1929) married Dr. Samuel C. Gholson (1828-1910).  Dr. Gholson was originally from Virginia but settled in Holly Springs in the 1840s.  He fell in love with Mary Caruthers and the two were married and started a family.  During the Civil War, Dr. Gholson acted as the surgeon for his Confederate regiment.

In 1862, Dr. Caruthers died, and Dr. Gholson and his wife and children moved back into the Caruthers House to take care of Mary’s widowed mother.  The Gholson family lived here for the next 70 years, until Mary Caruthers Gholson died in 1929.  In 1936, the Gholson children sold the house to the Tyson family, ending almost 100 years of Caruthers/Gholson ownership.

The Tyson family lived here for over thirty years.  The Tyson’s continued the medical legacy of the Caruthers and Gholson families, as one member founded Tyson’s Drug Store and another Tyson became a doctor.  In 1972 the house was sold to the nearby Funeral home, and in 1987 it was sold again to Charles Thomas of the Thomas Funeral Home.  The house was destroyed in the 1980s and replaced with an empty parking lot.

The Caruthers House was a two-story frame Greek Revival house, with exterior end chimneys, a front one-story portico supported by Tuscan columns and a front entrance with transom and sidelights.

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  1. Such a shame that it was torn down for that ugly parking lot, and now the funeral is not even used. The Tysons I know and knew were wonderful people. Dr. Jack Tyson (dentist) and Dr. Bobby (physician) are and were wonderful people. Their mother, a widow, sold tickets at the Holly Theater.


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