The Davis-Neal House was built in about 1925 by Thomas W. Davis.  In 1928 the house was bought by Marshal T. Lafever (1883-1940).  In 1930, the house was sold to George W. French (1866-1954), who owned the house until 1955.  John and Viola Wright lived here from 1955 until 1963, when the house was sold to Virginia Neal.  In 1990, Donald Street bought the house.  In 2015, Street sold the house to 3D Boothandle TX, LLC, a company which leased the lot to Family Dollar Store.  Family Dollar destroyed this house and the Howard-Purcell House next door in March 2015, and a new Family Dollar store was built on the lot.

The Davis-Neal House was a one-and-one-half-story cross-gable brick Craftsman Bungalow, with a prominent jerkin-head front gable and a five-bay inset porch supported by brick piers.

Credit for these pictures goes to Tim Liddy, our Alderman at Large in Holly Springs and a friend of historical preservation in the town.

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