At the corner of Roberts Avenue and Randolph Street in Holly Springs stood for many years the Greek Revival Roberts-Anderson House.  The house was built in about 1845 by Joseph J. Hill (1819-1895) who lived here until 1856.  Captain Elijah J. Wilkerson (1823-1903), a veteran of the Mexican War and Civil War, owned the home from 1856 until 1867.  In 1867, the house was bought by John W. Roberts (1806-1868).  The Roberts family lived here from 1867 until 1883.  Roberts Avenue, the road this house was located on, is named for the Roberts family.

Between 1883 and 1908 the house was owned by Israel Sailer (1817-1896) and his family.  Sailer was a local architect who built several houses in town.  In 1908 the home was inherited by Sailer’s daughter, Annie Sailer Anderson (1851-1910) and her husband John E. Anderson (1847-1943).  The Anderson family owned this house for 65 years, before selling it to the Smith family in 1973.  In 1983, Bruno and Lorraine Kalnins bought the house and owned it until 1996.  Janice Spight and Stacey Shelton owned the house from 1996 until 2007.  The house was destroyed in about 2008 and a modern brick house was built on the same lot.

The picture of the original Greek Revival is courtesy of Google Maps.

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  1. Phillip,

    I have a veritable “boatload” of Lost History that I can add to your blog. The inaugural meeting of Preserve Marshall County & Holly Springs, Inc. was out at Fitch Farms and I chose to…instead of looking at images of the structures we are familiar with…I took a different tact and showed images “before and after” of treasures that we lost…and what garbage was accepted as a replacement. Most had forgotten the structures even existed and some had been gone only a few years.


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