Gwydir was built around 1886 by James Barrett Walthall (1833-1890), the Chancery Clerk of Marshall County and the son of early settler Barrett Walthall and brother of the famous General and Senator Edward C. Walthall.  This house was built just across the street from the Walthall family home.  James Barrett Walthall died a few years after building this home, and his widow Belle J. Walthall sold the house to Henry Craft Fort (1853-1919) , the president of the Bank of Holly Springs, in 1892.

Henry Fort’s only daughter, Janet Fort, married Harris Gholson (1888-1976) and the Gholson family inherited the house.  For most of the 20th century the house was called Gholson House. Harris and Janet’s son Henry Fort Gholson (1920-1989) lived in the home with his wife Geraldine J. Gholson (1923-2009).  After almost 100 years under the ownership of the Gholson family, the house was sold by Geraldine Fort in 1995 to Gerry Blaker (1968-2007) and his wife Jennifer, who owned the house from 1995 until 2004.  Since 2004 the home has been owned by George and Laurie Gwin, who renamed the Gholson House “Gwydir” after the Gwin ancestral home in north Wales.   Gwydir was featured on the 2011 Christmas Home Tour and the 2015 and 2016 Pilgrimage Home Tour.

Gwydir is a Southern Vernacular Cottage, with Italianate features. It is a single-story flanking-gable frame house, with gable-on-hip ell and a tri-part bay window and shed porch with square posts.

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  1. Hey Phil, love this house but how is it Italianate? Chris and Jenny’s house, Hillside, is clearly Italianate .


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