Herndon was built in 1845 by Louis Thompson, who came to Holly Springs from Pittsfield, Massachusetts with his wife Sarah.  Eventually Louis and Sarah’s daughter Janette Thompson Walker (d. 1904) and her husband John C. Walker (d. 1891) moved into the home, and the couple lived in the home for many decades.  John C. Walker died in 1891, and his widow Janette sold the house to the Mosson family in 1900.

The Mossons owned the house until 1923, when they sold the home to R. E. Oliphant.  Oliphant owned the house for a few years before selling it to Oliver T. Robinson (1889-1949) in 1930.  The Robinsons lived here from 1930 until 1959, when the house was sold to Thomas C. Lacey.  In 1986 Herndon was sold to Randall and Lois Swaney, who owned the home for a few months before selling it to Walter Webb in 1987.  The Webbs lived here until 1998, when the house was sold to Jonathan Park Dodge, who lived here from 1998 until 2013 and conducted renovations on the home.  Since 2013 Herndon has been owned by Randy Hayes and Suzanne James.  Randy Hayes is a local artist who uses Herndon as his home, studio and exhibit space.

Herndon contains elements from both the Federal and Greek Revival styles.  It is a two-story flanking-gable brick house with interior end chimneys, stone lintels, and an entrance surmounted by a transom.  The right side of the house was built first, and the left side was built several years later. The “seam” in the facade of the house where the two parts meet can still be seen.  Today Herndon is one of the oldest two-story brick structures in Marshall County.

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