Doxey Cottage, also known as Heaven House, was built in 1847 by Hamilton Thornton.  The house was originally built as a log cabin, like many of the early Holly Springs homes.  At some point, likely in the 1850s, the house was clapboarded and given Greek Revival elements.  In 1851, the house was sold to John C. Walker (d. 1891) and his wife Janette Thompson Walker (d. 1904), who built the house called Herndon (1845) next door.  The Walkers owned the house until 1904, when it was sold to R.P. Mosson.  Between 1904 and 1919, the house was owned by B. W. Thorne, Mary Maclin, Lizzie Walters (1859-1920) and Ellie Eiland.

In 1919, the house was purchased by Nettie Fant (1852-1935), a famed local artist. Fant owned the house until 1925, when the home was purchased by Hindman Doxey (1899-1950) and his wife Mary Doxey (1906-2002).  The Doxey family lived here for almost 70 years.  In 1994, John and Leanne Greer purchased the house.  Between 1995 and 1998, Doxey Cottage was owned by Edward and Joann Bounds.  Robert and Mary Clanton lived here from 1998 until 2005.  Janice Yelverton bought the house in 2005.  In 2008, the current owners James Segura and Mack Childers purchased the home.  It is currently for sale.

The original Greek Revival cottage has been heavily altered over the years.  In 1892, the front gabled-ell was added to the house, giving the original home a Victorian element (see 1892 Sanborn map above).  Between 1892 and 1907, the house doubled in size, with two additions to the back of the house (see 1907 Sanborn map above). Sometime before 1925, the full porch, with columns, was added to the home (see 1925 Sanborn map above).

Doxey Cottage is a single-story flanking-gable frame house with a gable-front ell and a three-bay porch encircling the front and east facades.  The entrance to the house is framed with sidelights and a transom.

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