This house was built in 1919 by Lytle Alexander Rather II (1889-1944).  L. A. Rather purchased the lot from M. A. Greene, who owned the nearby Walter Place and the entire city block between Walter Place and Randolph Street.  Soon after purchasing the lot, L. A. Rather built this Foursquare, which would have stood out from the other houses on Chulahoma Avenue when it was built.  After Rather’s death, the house continued to be owned by his widow, Frances Rather (1891-1972).  In 1975, the Rather family sold the house to Richard A. Douglas (1934-2015) and his wife Leigh Douglas.  The house was bought by Frances Solomon in 2013.  In 2016, the house was purchased by Tripp and Jennifer McCullar.

The American Foursquare was a very popular style of house during the early 20th century, and remained popular until the 1920s.  They are called Foursquares because of their boxy, square shapes and nearly-identical floor plans, which included four rooms on the bottom and top floors.  They are almost always two-and-a-half stories, with a large central dormer.  They frequently contain large, full-width front porches, supported by square columns.  The Rather-Douglas House is one of only a handful of Foursquares in Marshall County, and is quite similar to the B. G. Jones House in nearby Potts Camp.

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  1. I had the blessing of this being my family home from 1973 until 2013. The home was added onto in 1983-1984 and has a beautiful kitchen and den which hosted MANY friendly gatherings held by our parents- Dick & Leigh Douglas. My dad (3/4/34-7/4/2015) would be so very happy that the current owners have done a tremendous job renovating and readying it for sale. My wish is for the family to whom it sells be blessed with the great life our parents gave us there. Charles Richard Douglas


    1. Thank you for the comments Charles. This is a lovely home. I came close to buying it several years ago, before the current owners bought it. I know your family will love to see life in this house again, and I hope the house’s next family loves and appreciates the house like your family did.


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