This Foursquare was built in about 1910 by B. G. Jones, one of the early founders of Potts Camp, who also served on the Potts Camp town board for several years.  Between 1915 and 1918 it was owned by R. H. Pegram.  In 1918 the home was purchased by George Boren, another member of the town board.  The Boren family owned the house for nearly sixty years, until they sold it to Russell R. Shaw in 1973.  Russell Shaw has owned the house since 1973.

The Foursquare architectural style is one of the most ubiquitous and recognizable house styles in the United States, though strangely enough this house is one of only a handful of Foursquares in Marshall County.  The Foursquare takes its name from the cubic shape and simple floor plan, divided into quarter rooms, that is found in most original Foursquare houses.  They are almost always two stories, with a third story hipped dormer, overhanging pitched roofs, and full width front porches.  The B. G.  Jones house shows all of these characteristics.

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