Warwick is a prefabricated Craftsman Bungalow built in about 1910 by Captain George M. Buchanan (1838-1926).  Buchanan had experimented with prefab houses when he had built the prefabricated Victorian Tucker-Thorne House several years earlier on the same lot.  This house was brought to Holly Springs by rail from California.  The Buchanan family lived here for sixty years, until 1970, when George’s grandson Jim Bright Buchanan (1915-1982) sold the house to R. A. Harbour, who owned the house from 1970 until 1973.

In 1973 the house was purchased by Edwin W. Callicutt Jr. and his wife Ann H. Callicutt (1937-2013), who lived here until 2006, when the house was sold to the current owners, Robert and Susanne Campbell.

This beautiful home contains multiple gables with exposed purlins, and a prominent gable-front porch supported by square posts.  Wide sidelight windows and a transom frame the main entrance.  This particular home has architectural elements inspired by the Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie school.

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