The Compress Office was built in about 1900 and was used as office space for the Federal Compress and Warehouse, located across Compress Street.  It has been owned by a succession of owners since the closing of the Compress several decades ago.

The Compress Office is a one-and-a-half-story gable-front frame structure, with a two-bay shed-roof porch supported by turned posts.  A two-bay shed is attached to the office on the north elevation.

The Compress Office was listed on our 2016 Top Ten List of the Most Endangered Historic Properties in Holly Springs.  The structure suffers from a severe amount of structural damage, including a partially-collapsed porch, large sections of siding missing and most windows damaged or missing.  Two small trees in the front of the house obscures the structure for much of the year.

In July 2016, the Compress Office was demolished.

One thought

  1. My maternal grandfather Ernest L. Jones worked for Federal Compress and was sent to Holly Springs from West. TN. early 1920’s to manage the Compress here. My mom graduated from H.S. High School. He was sent to Ruleville, MS. in late 1930’s later to manage that one. He worked out of this office and I can remember going there as a child to see him.
    Bobby Seale


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