Lowrey Memorial Baptist Church was built in 1908, on the campus of Blue Mountain College.  It was built in the memory of Mark Perrin Lowrey (1828-1885), a former Confederate General who founded the Blue Mountain Female Institute.  The church was designed by architect Reuben Harrison Hunt, of the R. H. Hunt and Company architectural firm out of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Lowrey Memorial Baptist Church is built in the Eclectic/Colonial Revival style, and is a two-story seven-by-seven-bay brick building with a pyramidal hip-roof, a gable-roofed central section, and a four-story square tower with pinacled corners.

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  1. I’m sorry to reply in a negative way but did anyone proof read this before sending out? First of all you misspelled Lowrey. You spelled it “Lowery”. Secondly you list the church in honor of “Mary Perrin Lowrey”. It is Mark Perrin Lowrey.

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    1. No the article has not been proofread, because it wasn’t supposed to be posted until this Wednesday. I’m not sure how it made it to the blog. I’ll make the changes now.


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