This house was built in 1910 by Charles N. Dean Sr. (1873-1935), who would go on to become Mayor of Holly Springs.  The Dean family lived here until 1923, when the house was sold to W. B. Bradberry and his wife Mary.  The Bradberrys lived here for 23 years, before selling the house to J. N. Stone and his wife Jean Megghelsen Stone in 1946.

After a few years, the Stones sold this home to Clarence Carlisle Moore Sr. (1884-1968) and wife Alice B. Moore (1890-1993).  In 1958 the Moores sold the house to their son, Clarence Carlisle Moore Jr. (1918-1982) and his wife, Nyla Moore (1920-2006).  Nyla Moore lived in this house for nearly 50 years, before she passed away in 2006.  After being owned by the Moore family for 56 years, the house was sold to Stephen and Elizabeth Smith in 2007.  The Smiths raised three children in this house before selling it to Thomas and Carol Parks in 2016.

The Bradberry-Moore House is an early Craftsman Bungalow, with typical Craftsman architectural clues, including a hipped-roof with central dormer and a three-bay porch supported by piers.

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