Holly Springs: Warren House (Market St.) (1929)

The Warren House was built in 1929 by James Buchanan Warren (1870-1941) and his wife Ethel Knight Warren (1884-1969).  James Buchanan sold the house to his son, James W. Warren Sr. (1915-1984) in 1949.  Dorothy Warren, the widow of James W. Warren Jr. (1947-2013) owns the house today.

This house is identical to several other Craftsman-type houses throughout Holly Springs, all financed and built by James Warren just prior to the Great Depression.  The house is also identical to the other Warren House, located just behind this house on Center Street.  It has several Craftsman architectural elements, including a dormer, overhanging eaves, and a two-bay porch supported by turned posts, but it is much more simple than other Craftsman houses.

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