Hamner House was built in about 1852 by Morris Hamner and his wife Mary W. Hamner.  It was built on the southern outskirts of town, on the Memphis Road, near Hamilton Place and Burton Place.  In 1880, Mary Hamner sold the house to Dr. William C. Warren (1832-1907), who owned the house for three years.

In 1883, Virginia A. Mosby purchased the house, and lived here until 1901.  In 1901 the home was inherited by Edward L. Mosby (1863-1942) and his wife Mary P. Mosby (1848-1941).  The Mosbys lived at Hamner House for over forty years, before selling the home to W. B. Lesley and his wife Modena Jones Lesley (1897-1959) in 1927..  After 10 years, the Lesleys divorced, and Modena Lesley owned the house by herself from 1937 until her death in 1959.  Between 1959 and 1973 the house was owned by Sara B. Simpson (1908-2002).  Albert H. Bonds (1925-1990) and Robert P. Crutcher owned the house for one year, and Cyrus W. Tyree and his wife Agnes owned the home for another year before it was sold to David E. Hill and his wife Janice in 1975.  The Hills owned the house from 1975 until 1993, when they sold it to Margaret Delashmit, who continues to own the house to this day.

Hamner House is a two-story flanking-gable frame Greek Revival house with interior end chimneys and a three-bay hip-roof porch supported by piers.

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