The Bennett House was built in about 1855 by Sanders Taylor.  In 1872 the house was purchased by Thomas L. Bennett (1842-1895) whose family owned the house until 1914, when it was purchased by L. A. Rather (1859-1930).  The Rathers owned the house from 1914 until 1943.  Pauline Purcell WIlliams (1907-1984) owned the house from 1943 until 1981.  Larry Pointer owned the Bennett House from 1981 until 1987.  David C. Bonds was the final owner of the house, from 1987 until 1988, before the house was destroyed.  In 2015, a Family Dollar store was built on the lot.

The Bennett House was a single-story flanking-gable frame Greek Revival house, with a three-bay hip-roof porch supported by Tuscan piers.

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