The Wagner House is a spectacular Queen Anne Victorian home built in about 1890 by Daniel R. Wagner (1840-1915), a local businessman who helped found Water Valley’s cotton factory and later opened a store on Main Street which still bears his name.  The Wagner family remained one of the most famous families in Water Valley for many years, and several generations of Wagners lived in this house.

In 2008 the house left the Wagner family after five generations and was purchased by Karen and Richard Waring, who began restorations on the house.

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  1. Please take this picture down and put up the correct picture up if your going to get the history correct for Water Valley, Ms.


    1. I will take down the story of the murder (when I find the time), as I am now aware this was not the site of the murders. However, this is indeed the Wagner House, and I will not be taking the entire post down.


      1. I actually live in THE Wagner House where the Wagner murders took place. It’s located at 306 Wagner Street, named after the Wagner’s. Although the house is not as grand as the house on Panola Street, it is the original home of the murders and I have documentation to prove it.


      2. The information on the Wagner murders was removed months ago. You might consider your house to be “THE Wagner House”, but so do the owners of this house. This home was the home of the original Wagner settlers to Water Valley. Eventually I will likely do a blog post on your house as well, when I can next get to Water Valley.


  2. I am a descendent if Daniel R Wagner and want to know how W. B Wagner was related to my grandfather, Daniel Eugene Wagner.
    Also was Helen Corrine Wagner the daughter of Daniel R Wagner and did she live in Water Valley too.

    Patti Wagner Tinder


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