The Old Water Valley Hospital was originally known as the Armstrong House, after Dr. J. C. Armstrong, who built the house in 1910.  In 1919, the Armstrongs moved to Jackson, Mississippi,and the House was sold to the Brown family.  The Brown children, Doctors George and Leo Brown, opened the first county hospital in the house in 1920.

From 1920 until 1962, this was known as the Water Valley Hospital.  Generations of locals were born (and died) here,  while nearly everyone received some sort of medical attention in this house in the 42 years it was used as a hospital.  The main operating room was located on the second floor, while the bathroom (used as a scrub room by the doctors and nurses) was located in the center section of the second floor, which had a stained glass pane that looked out onto a balcony.

In 1965, the house was sold to the Henry family. The house was in very poor condition at this time, and was in danger of being demolished.  Instead, the Henrys restored the house.  The plaster walls were sheet rocked, some of the wood floors were removed and the exterior of the frame house received a brick veneer, but the house was saved.  For decades after the old hospital closed, visitors would stop by the house and ask to see the room where they were born.  Today, the house is owned by Paul and Wanda Howell.

Thanks to Paul and Wanda Howell, who provided much of the history for this house.

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