The Mitchell House was a one-story frame Greek Revival cottage that once stood at the southwest corner of Minor Street and Chulahoma Avenue.  It was built in 1854 by Edward H. Mitchell (1821-1871), a local merchant who owned a confectionary store on the south side of the Holly Springs square in the 1850s.  The Mitchell Confectionary Store’s motto was “eat, drink and be merry”, and offered various candies, fruits, ice cream and various sweet drinks. The Mitchell family lived in the house until 1886, when they sold it to the Mosson family.

E. H. Mitchell’s Grave (Hill Crest Cemetery)

The Mossons lived here from 1886 until 1901, when the home was sold to the McClatchys.  After a brief period of ownership by Bessie T. Dean, the home was sold to J. P. Horton, who lived here with his family until 1923.  E. F. Hurdle then lived here from 1923 until 1941, when the house was finally destroyed.

C. E. Nichols and W. J. Edmondson owned the land where the old house once stood for several years, until it was sold to the Holly Springs Baptist Church in 1960, who built their new pastorium, a modern brick building.

The original Mitchell House was a one story frame Greek Revival house, with exterior end chimneys and a pedimented portico supported by square columns.  The house sat well back from Chulahoma Avenue, with a long walkway lined with cedar trees.  

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