The Sheets-Humpherys House was built in about 1909 by Samuel E. Sheets (1874-1942) and his wife Ophelia Sheets (1874-1957).  Prior to the construction of this house, there was a one-and-a-half antebellum house on the same lot (see 1902 Sanborn Map above), which was destroyed sometime between 1902 and 1907, resulting in an empty lot for a brief time (see 1907 Sanborn Map above).

The current house was built by the Sheets family in a time when the preferred architectural style was changing from Victorian to Colonial Revival and early Craftsman, and this house has architectural elements from all three styles: the general size of the home plus the large porch evoke images of the Victorian style, while the overhanging eaves and fanlight above the door are more typical of an early Craftsman or Colonial Revival style.

The Sheets family owned the house until 1930, when it was lost to foreclosure.  The Holly Springs Building and Loan Association owned the house from 1930 until 1941.  In 1941, the house was purchased by  Samuel Vadah Cochran (1887-1971), who owned  Dunvegan (1845) next door.  The Cochran family owned the home until 1972, when it was sold to George Humpherys, who has owned the house since that time.

The Sheets-Humpherys House is a one-and-a-half story gable-front frame house, with a three-bay shed roof supported by stuccoed columns.  The main entrance is surmounted by a fanlight, and the front gable contains an oval window with keystones.

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